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Practice Areas

Our people & technology will assist you and your organizations with your accounting, bookkeeping and other financial management needs.



ABC Accounting and Bookkeeping Services has the knowledge and experience in accounting management to help any business in any industry.

Our Outsourced Accounting Services Include:

  • Paying bills

  • Reconciling bank statements

  • Reconciling credit card statements

  • Cash flow analysis

  • Financial statement preparation

  • Preparing budgets and projections

  • Accounting policies and procedures

  • Accounting software selection, implementation and support

  • QuickBooks installation, training and support

  • Providing interim, on and off-site accounting staff

  • Sales and/or use tax filings

  • Special accounting and bookkeeping projects 

In addition to having experience in a wide spectrum of industries, we also have a team that specializes in working with nonprofit organizations. Our main goal is to get to know your business from the ground up and understand what your goals are, whether they are short or long term. This allows us to create practical and achievable financial solutions for your business or practice. 



Whether you have a handful of employees or your business is expanding, ABC Accounting and Bookkeeping Services can create a payroll system to accommodate an office of any size. Your employees are the heart of your practice, and it is important to ensure they are always paid accurately and on time. Our professionals will work closely to provide an accurate payroll and records for your business. We will help you make important decisions, which affect the success of any payroll system, while taking into consideration federal, state, or local labor and employment laws.



Bookkeeping is an important part of the accounting process of running a business and includes recording daily transactions like payments, sales, and purchases. Our experts are knowledgeable about all bookkeeping responsibilities and requirements. Accuracy is critical in bookkeeping to ensure your practice stays on track with all expenses and purchases. We will work with you to determine your needs and how to meet them through detailed and quality bookkeeping.



We partner with you as Consultant & Accountant to improve profitability, expand, define short and long-term goals, forecast cash flow, tax & strategic planning.

If your goal is growth, our Team will work with you in reviewing your financials to identify areas that we can help you improve process efficiency with technology and business strategies.

For smaller businesses who want to build a strong foundation for the future with up-to-date bookkeeping, reports, expense control and 24/7 easy access to your data

Cash Management


Successfully managing cash is an essential skill for small businesses, because they typically have less access to affordable credit and have a significant amount of upfront costs to manage while waiting for receivables. Wisely managing cash enables a company to meet unexpected expenses, and to handle regularly occurring events such as payroll distribution.

Cash management is the treasury function of a business, responsible for achieving optimal efficiency in two key areas: receivables, which is cash coming in, and payables, which is cash going out.

We can help you with your cash management to improve cash visibility and help operational improvement.

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